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In which cases is extra seat allocated? Passengers may request an extra seat due to some special reasons. The price requested for the normal seat is also requested for this extra seat.
Up to which month can I fly during my pregnancy? For further information please click.
What is Cabin Baggage? Cabin Baggage is the carriage of the special baggage of the passenger on a purchased extra seat on the plane.

Refers to items that may be carried as block seat baggage in the cabin. Passengers will pay for an additional seat charge in order to bring onboard a CBBG. A service request for CBBG must be made at least 24 hours prior to Estimated Time of Departure (ETD). Articles over 75 kg (165 lbs) of weight per seat shall not be accepted. Passengers are responsible for loading and unloading the CBBG in and out of the aircraft.
Which animals can be carried inside the cabin? Only cats, dogs and birds can be carried inside the cabin.
What are the conditions of carrying pets on board? Which animals can be carried inside the cabin?
Only cats, dogs and small birds (goldfinch, budgeriger, canary,parrot) can be carried inside the cabin. Dangerous dog breeds like American Pittbull Terrier, Amerikan Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Doberman, Pincher Doberman, Rottweiler are not accepted to our flights. Pet carriage is subjected to a fee.

What are the conditions of carrying pets on board?
Carrying pets in the cabin is subject to making reservation. The reservation should be made until 6 hours prior the scheduled flight.
Pets should be carried in a container of 23x40x55 cm. 2 dogs-2 birds excluding cats can be carried in the same cage. (5 pets that are not older than 30 days old can be carried together if they do not exceed 8 kg in total.)
Pets should not exceed 8 kg when weighted together with their containers/cages.
Pets must have health and vaccination certificates and ID's.
If the required documents are not presented and the container is not appropriate, Atlasglobal reserves the right not to allow the carriage of pet.
In Cyprus flights, pets are kept in quarantine for 10 days at arrival.
Dogs that accompany blind and hearing-impaired passengers are allowed to fly in the cabin regardless of their weight provided that a reservation is made and they wear a muzzle and they are not included in the pet quota allowed to fly in the cabin. They are also carried for pet fee.

Animals/Pets cannot be carried on flights to the UK. On flights departing from London, pets are allowed to be carried in cabin but cannot be accepted back to the UK.

What is the fee for the pet carried on board?
As of May 22nd, 2008, carrying of pets is subject to fixed price of 20 TL in domestic and Cyprus flights.
What is the age limit for minor passenger? They are the passengers who have passed the age of three and have not passed the age of thirteen.
Can a minor passenger travel alone? The children between 02-05 can not travel alone.

Children who have passed the age of 5 (who have completed 5 years from the date of birth) and who have not completed 12 years from the date of birth can fly alone, however, the rules of Atlasglobal for carrying unaccompanied minors should be met.

1. Unaccompanied travel of the minor passenger is subject to written permit of the parent or legal representative.
2. The reservations of all stages of the travel should be final for unaccompanied travel of the minor passenger.
3. Unaccompanied Minor Flight Authorization Form is filled at the airport for UM passenger. Identity and contact information of the parents and/or legal representative who bring/pick the minor is required on this form. Form is signed by the parent or legal representative. A copy is given to the parent and/or legal representative.
4. Ticket, passport or other documents of UM passenger are put in UM bag and this bag is hung around the neck of the minor and the minor is delivered to a boarding officer.
5. Parent or legal representative of UM passenger has to wait in the airport until the plane takes off.
6. Boarding officer takes the UM passenger aboard last.
7. Airline Company is responsible for transfers or waiting in the transfer hall of UM passengers. Parents or legal representatives at departure and destination airports of UM passengers who can not continue the flight due to any reason at any of the transfer points are informed and they are sent to original departure airport or provided hotel service accompanied by an attendant.
8. UM passenger is delivered by a person assigned by the Airline to the person whose name is written in UM form after his/her identity is checked and against signature.
9. UM passenger can not be seated near the Emergency exits.
Is a letter of consent required for unaccompanied minors for domestic flights? Yes, it is required for the children who have passed the age of 6 (who have completed 5 years from the date of birth) and have not passed the age of 13 (who have completed 12 years from the date of birth). If mother or father brings the minor to the airport, letter of consent is not required. It will be sufficient for mother or father to have unaccompanied minor (UM) transaction made at the airport.
Does Atlasglobal provide a stretcher service on flights? Yes, we provide stretcher service on our flights.
What are the procedures for requesting a stretcher? 1- Stretcher requests should be made at least 48 hours before departure by calling our call center 0850 222 00 00 or by your travel agency. ( Requests made in the last 24 hours cannot be processed.)
2- We would require a medical certificate issued a maximum of 10 days before departure by your physician to certify fitness to travel and the requirement to travel on a stretcher as well as the need for the patient to be accompanied by a medical doctor or a nurse. If it is stated that there is no need for a medical companion, the patient can travel with an adult companion that has the knowledge about the patient's medical state and could attent to her/his needs. (Atlasglobal doesn’t assign a flight attendant as medical escort) If there is also a demand for oxygen during travel, this requirement must be added to the report mentioned above by the terms stated at the 4th subject. The medical certificate mentioned above must be written either in Turkish or English. Translations of the doctor's reports in other languages ​​must be approved by the station manager.
3- We would require the contact information of the patient's physician and the medical escort, in addition to that, the contacts of the person at the departure and arrival points.
4- While making the reservation, it must be stated wheather the patient requires supplemental oxygen and how many litres. Atlasglobal would answer this need according to this information. The patient’s own oxygen tank could not be accepted in cabin. It could be carried only if they’re completely empty.
5- It is the passenger's responsibility to arrange an ambulance at the arrival and to submit the related information as the ambulance company name and phone number to our side during the reservation.
6- For technical reasons the provided stretcher can not be used for hospital transfers. The stretcher of the ambulance could be used for this. According to every airport infrastructure, the transfer of the patient from the airport to the aircraft is made by the airport’s own ambulance and the payment is covered by the patient.
7-The stretcher service fee is equal to 6 tickets booked in Y class of the selected flight. This will include the ticket of the patient and the stretcher. Medical escort and the accompanying passenger's tickets should be purchased separately.
8-Stretcher can not be positinoned at Business Class
Can I make use of wheelchair service free of charge? The passengers requesting wheelchair should bring a medical report not older than 10 days concerning their illness and this report should contain the expression that the passenger should travel in wheelchair. The passengers can make use of wheelchair service free of charge under these conditions; otherwise they should pay for this service.

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