Flying Chef

Flying Chef service, available in all flights lasting for 3 hours and above, offers gourmet flight experience to Business class passengers. Exclusive tastes from Turkish and World cuisine prepared by the experienced flying chefs are served with rich variety of treats. It makes you forget the time in the sky with the delicious snacks and different drinks alternatives.

It is among the primary duties of our flying chefs to prepare the presentation of the special meals cooked for our guests and to heat them as per the choice of the customers. Experienced chefs are responsible for the whole process from the preparation to service of the meal. During the presentation with the support of cabin crew, flying chef shares important information about the ingredients and preparation of the meals with the passengers.

Hors d’oeuvre plate with light snacks such as soup, salad and sea food is served as starters. Hot meals such as chicken, fish or meat are served with salad, rice or pasta. Passengers can freely select from both the meal menu and the desserts and drinks after the main course.