Business Class Lounge

Business Class passengers and Atlasmiles Platinum members who travel in Economy and Business Class can benefit from the comfort and privileges provided by Atlasglobal. Enriching the travel experience, Comfort II Lounge makes Atlasglobal passengers spend their time outside the flight time more comfortably and efficiently.

Lounges can be used for 24 hours from the scheduled departure time. The Lounge area located inside the Atatürk Airport allow you benefit from priority check-in, free internet, open buffet service, wide range of drinks, rest areas, massage seats, shower and WC etc. free of charge.

IGA Lounge (as of April 6th)

All our passengers travelling in business class, Atlasmiles Platinum members and Corporate Partners Card holders can use IGA Lounge and benefit from the comfort and privileges provided by IGA Lounge. Enriching the travel experience, IGA Lounge makes Atlasglobal passengers spend their time before their flight time more comfortably and efficiently.

Service Areas

  • Computer and printer enabled business corner
  • Smart board enabled meeting rooms
  • Skype rooms
  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • TV channels and private cinema area
  • Bar area
  • Non-Alcoholic area
  • Smoking balcony for lounge guests
  • Duty Free area in the Lounge
  • Billiard
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Flight Information
  • Baby Care Room
  • Kids Play Room
  • Male, female and multi faith prayer rooms
  • Restrooms and shower facilities

Food & Beverages

  • Soup varieties
  • Unique local tastes
  • Salads and olive oil dishes
  • Breakfast
  • Snacks
  • Bakery
  • Dessert varieties
  • Bread varieties
  • Fruit varieties
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Soft drinks and juices
  • Cappucino, espresso and coffee varieties
  • Variety of tea and herbal tea

Special Services in Comfort II Lounge (Until April 6)

Free Food and Drinks

Comfort II Lounge is open all day long and entertains its guests in a high-quality environment with the rich services offered and comfortable waiting areas. Passengers may benefit from unlimited open buffet service and bar service. Experienced lounge personnel will also help you receive the best service.

Atlasglobal Business Class passengers enjoy comfortable travel experience. Different food and drinks are served for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Lounge. You can taste the exclusive flavors of Turkish and World cuisine from hot and cold buffets, and enjoy the snacks accompanied with delicious drinks.

You can easily reach the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks such as water, soda, fresh fruit juices, wine and liquor thanks to the drink dispensers on your table.

Spacious Areas and Wide Atmosphere

There are a large number of areas inside the useful, spacious and peaceful atmosphere of 350 square meter where you can get rid of the daily stress and relax. There are sitting area for 90 persons and independent rest areas inside the lounge where you can feel Comfort II Lounge quality to the full.

Ecological walls designed with an unusual environment concept host more than 60 varieties of plant on them. Minimalist layout plan and modern furniture make the living space exclusive and spacious. Balanced lighting system and ergonomic design details help you rest more and spend your time efficiently prior to the flight.

Newspapers, Magazines and TV Room

You will not get bored in the reading sections where there are large armchairs and sitting areas thanks to the daily, weekly or monthly magazines and newspapers. And you can watch news, documentaries, sports and television programs comfortably in the TV room separated from the sitting area.

Fast Internet, Wi-Fi and Printer

You can use wireless internet and printer services free of charge inside Comfort II Lounge. You can access the internet using the fast internet and Wi-Fi connection and follow-up your business without interruption. You can also take printouts easily from your seat using the printer in the working area.

Shower and WC

There is every functional area inside the business class lounge designed for the privileged passengers and guests where you can meet your daily needs. Hygienic showers and WCs are available inside these functional service areas. 

Lounge Convenient for Usage Area

It is possible to rest independently from the outer environment within the specially insulated different sections and cabins. You can operate and charge your electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, music players and tablets without waiting and comfortably in the rest and reading section where there are more than 70 electrical power supplies. 

Note: Istanbul Comfort II Lounge is located in Atatürk Airport International Terminal, departure floor next to the gate 223 after the passport control.