Atlasglobal Career Oppotunities

Meriting the corporate identity and brand responsibility, Ataslglobal Airlines grows with the stories and experience uniting us as humans. Atlasglobal follows the universal values, high-quality service understanding and new generation aviation applications, and offers its guests the opportunity to travel without any stress, safely, comfortably and with high-quality service. Atlasglobal is a member of International Air Transport Association (IATA) and certified by IOSA, and continues to develop its superiority both in domestic and international lines consistently and strongly since its first flight operated on 1 June 2001. Atlasglobal engrains Turkish hospitality in its employees with a collective passion, and prioritizes the customer satisfaction and passenger safety. Our ground services and flight operations allow everyone preferring Atlasglobal to realize a safe and comfortable travel.

What about Joining Atlasglobal Family?

New employees starting to work in Atlasglobal complete the orientation process without any problem and easily adapt to new working environment thanks to our corporate orientation training programs. Atlasglobal flight crew (personnel) serving domestically and abroad have the opportunity to see different places and meet different cultures as well as exclusive service privileges. (suggestion: Atlasglobal employees working domestically and abroad have the opportunity to know and live with different cultures) We are looking for workmates who would like to do a career in aviation sector, believe in themselves in every sense and are appropriate for our quality understanding. You can fill in online application form or make application through career websites for Atlasglobal job announcements. Your curriculum vitae will be carefully evaluated by our human resources and if your CV is found suitable, you will be contacted.

Open Positions