Atlasglobal Personal Data Storage and Destruction Policy

Atlasglobal Personal Data Storage and Destruction Policy

Welcome to Atlasglobal! 

Atlasglobal shows utmost care to protect your personal data. Thus, you can feel safe when you visit our web page/call center/website/sales offices or agents. Your personal data shared with Atlasglobal is kept by Atlasglobal, and is not processed except subject to the provisions of the regulations on the Protection of Personal Data and your consent, and it is deleted or anonymized after the disappearance of the legal requirement. You can review our Data Security Policy available on our page. All administrative and technical infrastructure required to ensure data security is established by Atlasglobal, and it is inspected and updated periodically. 

For the other websites you are directed (linked) by Atlasglobal websites, ask for the security provided by the legislation provisions regarding the Protection of Personal Data and review the data security policy of these websites. Atlasglobal can not give any guarantee for the data security of the third party websites. 

I. Basic Principles for Processing the Personal Data

Atlasglobal adopts as a principle:
a) to process your personal data according to the law and in good faith,
b) to endeavour to ensure accuracy and up-to-dateness,
c) to process your personal data for certain, clear and legal purposes,
ç) to make it connected with and limited to the purpose for which it is processed,
d) to keep it for the period prescribed by the relevant regulations or required by the purpose for which it is processed. 

II. Information Liability of Atlasglobal as Data Controller 

Article 10 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (KVKK) requires that the persons whose data is processed shall be informed while receiving their consent. The title of the article is ‘Information Liability of Data Controller’. According to the provisions of KVKK, Atlasglobal is ‘data controller’. In this context, information liability imposes an obligation to inform the ‘data owners’ about the identity of the data controller, purposes of processing the personal data, persons to whom personal data is transferred and the purposes of transfer, legal reasons of collecting personal data, the parties to whom it may be transferred and the methods, and their rights specified in article 11 of KVKK such as updating, deletion or anonymization which may be directed by the personal data owner to the data controller.
As Atlasglobal, we inform and enlighten our customers and visitors that are data owners with the Information Statement below pursuant to the provisions of article 10 of KVKK.

a. Identity of Data Controller and Representative

In KVKK art. 3, para. 1, clause (ı); the data controller is defined as ‘Natural persons or legal entities that determine the purposes and means of processing the personal data, are responsible for the establishment and management of the data recording system’. In this context, the data controller is Atlasjet Havacılık AŞ. 

 Atlasglobal Information Society Services 

b. Method, Legal Reasons of Collecting and Processing the Personal Data

Atlasglobal complies with the provisions of KVKK for collecting, processing of the personal data and the legal basis of such processes. 
Atlasglobal collects the personal data of the customers directly from the owners of the personal data, their legal representatives, third parties including but not limited to travel agencies, service providers of data owner, online shopping channels, call centers, ticket sales units if preferred by the personal data owner.

No matter which channels are used to collect the personal data, 

- It is not processed unless you give express consent. However, as it is explained in article 5 of KVKK; personal data may be processed without consent: 
-in the situations expressly specified in the laws, 
-if it is essential for the protection of the life or body integrity of a person who can not express his/her consent due to physical impossibility or whose consent is not given legal validity or of another person,
-if it is essential to process the personal data of the parties of a contract provided that it is directly related to the establishment or execution of that contract,
- if it is essential for the data controller to fulfil its legal obligation,
-if it is made public by the relevant person himself/herself,
- if it is essential to process the date for the establishment, use or protection of a right,
- if it is essential for the data controller to process the data for its legal benefits provided that the fundamental rights and freedoms of the relevant person are not damages. Atlasglobal principally prefers the consent of the data owner for processing the personal data. 
Pursuant to article 6 of KVKK, sensitive personal data can only be processed with the consent of the data owner. 

c. Purpose of Processing the Personal Data

Atlasglobal processes the personal data for the purpose of; 
-executing the contract made with the customer and the services offered under such contract, booking and ticketing, providing personal support and assistance for the customers when required, giving information about the possible flight information changes or sending reminders through the communication channels, facilitating pre-flight check-in procedures, completing the application and subsequent procedures for the customers applying for the loyalty program, meeting the ticketing, pre-flight and post-flight demands and requests of the customers;
-continuing the services in the airports for the connection flights, making the customs and immigration administration formalities, 
-managing the baggage delivery processes, eliminating the customer’s suffering immediately in case of lost or damaged baggage;
-meeting the food and drink preferences and requests of the customers, 
-fulfilling the requirements arising from Security and Law or international contracts, 
-ensuring customer satisfaction, making you benefit from the products and services offered by Atlasglobal much better, customizing and introducing and suggesting the products/services offered by Atlasglobal according to the needs, tastes and usage habits of the customers, ensuring data security and determining the company strategies.

d. Persons and Purposes to Transfer the Processed Personal Data:
Atlasglobal may transfer , 
-the data collected and processed pursuant to KVKK provisions for the principles and purposes specified above, to third party solution partners or assistant companies of Atlasglobal or other Atlasglobal subsidiaries, national and international public authorities for the fulfilment of the contractual acts.
-In this context, personal data may be transferred to the service providing cargo companies, other airlines in codeshare flights, airport administrations and airport ground handling companies, public authorities or private persons authorized by public authorities in charge of security, limited to the purpose and duration of the service received and to the extent required in order to have a smooth and timely travel. 
-Atlasglobal exercises due diligence to ensure the security of the personal data transferred, considers the competence to protect the personal data at the choice of third parties, and reminds such organizations and persons about the necessary obligations. 
-In international flights, Atlasglobal is required to meet the personal data requests of the public authorities of the country flown based on the requirements security, customs and immigration administrations. 
-When it is required to transfer personal data abroad, the rules and list determined by Personal Data Protection Board in article 9 of KVKK are observed. 
-In case of request and consent of the customers, personal data of the customers applying to the loyalty program and the personal data of the customers applying to visa procedures may be shared based on express and informed consent. 

e. Rights of Personal Data Owner:

You have the following rights pursuant to article 11 of KVKK. Atlasglobal has prepared an application form for you in order to facilitate these rights. 
You have the right to;
a) learn whether your personal data has been processed,
b) request information if the personal data has been processed,
c) learn the purpose of processing the personal data and whether it has been used compatible with the purpose of processing,
ç) know the third parties at home or abroad to whom the personal data is transferred,
d) request the correction of the personal data in case it is processed incompletely or incorrectly,
e) request the deletion or destruction of the personal data within the conditions prescribed in article 7,
f) request to inform third parties to whom the personal data is transferred about the procedures made pursuant to clauses (d) and (e),
g) object to a result which may arise against the person himself/herself as a result of analyzing the processed data exclusively by automatic systems,
ğ) request the compensation of the loss incurred as a result of illegal processing of the personal data 

by applying to the person concerned announced on Atlasglobal website.

III. Cookies 

Cookies are the small data files that the web server stores in computer via browser. When there is a connection between the browser and the server, the website can then identify the user through the cookies. The purpose of using cookies is to facilitate the  use of the website for the visitor. There are four types of cookies according to the purpose of use: 

Session Cookies: This type of cookie is needed for the proper operation of Atlasglobal website. These cookies allow for visits to the website and permit the user to benefit from the features offered. Session cookies are used to carry data between the pages of the website, removing the need to re-enter data. 

Performance Cookies: These cookies collect data on how frequently the pages are visited, error messages, if any, the time spent on the pages, and the way in which the user makes use of the website. The information collected is used to increase the performance of the website. 

Functional Cookies: These cookies serve to remember the selections the user has made on the website, thus facilitating the user's entries. These cookies provide the user access to the advanced features of the website. 

Promotional or Third Party Cookies: Atlasglobal uses cookies belonging to third party suppliers in order to be able to make use of certain functions on their websites. There are also cookies belonging to companies that follow the advertisements on the website. 

In general, Internet browsers are predefined to accept cookies automatically. Browsers may be set to block cookies or alert users when cookies are sent. Managing cookies differs from browser to browser so more detailed information may be obtained from the help menu provided by the browser. 

IV. How do we protect?

Atlasglobal takes all necessary technical and administrative measures so as to protect the personal data collected and prevent unauthorized access and not to make the prospective customers suffer. Within this scope, software complies with the standards, service provider third parties and institutions are carefully selected and the data protection policy is observed within the company. 

V. Application and Right to Demand Information

If you have any hesitation about your personal data, please apply to Atlasglobal Data Processor using the address and contact details on our website. An application form has been prepared for you to submit your applications more easily. Your applications will be replied within the shortest time depending on the content of your application or within 30 days at the latest from the date of receipt by our company. You are required to make your applications in writing. Besides, only the parts of your applications regarding you will be replied; and an application made for your husband/wife, relative or friend will not be accepted.