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1st class comfort and economy prices - only with EkonomiPlus!

Here are the privileges awaiting you at EkonomiPlus

  • EkonomiPlus privileges start before you even board
    Check in and choose your seat online, all free of charge
  • Baggage allowance with EkonomiPlus starts from
    20 kg, with a further 8 kg permitted as hand baggage.
  • Our comfy leather seats have a spacious 77cmseat pitch
  • Tasty cakes and warm sandwiches are on offer with EkonomiPlus, free of charge and accompanied by a choice of 14 different beverages
  • EkonomiPlus comfort doesn't stop once you land, as Atlasglobal offersfree, air-conditioned airport shuttle services, Click here for Fly & Bus departure points

1st class comfort and economy prices, only with EkonomiPlus!
EkonomiPlus is only available with Atlasglobal!

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Privileges we offer to Atlasglobal passengers:


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