Passenger Rights


Distances between countries and even between continents are now disappearing. In a world where speed is of utmost importance, air freight is one of the crucial links of the logistics chain.

Ever since its very first flight in June 2001, Atlasglobal has privided cargo services for every destination to which it flies with its fleet of A319/A320 and A321 planes. with a simple and effective workflow created together with all service providers, Atlasglobal maintains its dynamic structure, enabling the company to provide services that meet customers' needs.

Special Cargo
  • Oıur airline is licensed by the General Directorate of Civil, Avitation to carry hazardous substances and provides a Hazardous Substance Transpor Service to all of our destinations.
  • Your perishable cargo is handled with care and delivered fresh to its destinations.
  • Your valuable cargo is transported anywhere in the country in full safety.

Our Vision
To be a trusted brand that is associated with total quality and known for its service quality.

Our Mission
To constantly improve ourselves by following new developments in the sector in order to provide our passangers and staff with all the benefits of technology.
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