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Mustafa Denizli Make Us The Champions

Each team that Coach Mustafa Denizli lays hands on becomes the champion so we thought maybe he would make us the champions as well and we called him right away.
“Coach,” we said, “next time you are travelling, why not fly with us, be our guest and you can also consider our chance to become champions.” Luckily, he agreed to accept our hospitality.

Straight after his flight we asked him, “so Coach, were you happy with your flight?”  He  started telling us how comfortable he had found our leather seats. “So, what is different about your seats?” he asked. We explained that all of our airplane seats have a generous pitch of 77 centimetres. He congratulated us.

Afterwards he mentioned our flight timings and said how convenient he found them. We told him that we had especially chosen those times to make life easy for those who just want to do their business and return as soon as possible. He said that we had done the right thing.

We asked what he thought of our Business Class. “The food was delicious, your flight crew were friendly – everything was perfect,” he said. “Yours is a real Business Class!”

Once we saw that our favourite Manager was happy, we  decided to ask the really important question. “Coach, we said, can we become the champions for Tehran-Istanbul flights?” He smiled and said “You already are the airline who loves it’s passengers the most, so you are the champions of our hearts. With all the privileges on your flights you are the strongest candidate for the championship.” We were delighted! And wanted to share the good news!

So, if you are flying between Tehran and Istanbul, why not give us a try too. You never know, you might be on the same flight as Mustafa Denizli!

Why are we doing all this?
Simply because we are the airline which loves its passenger the most!

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