Passenger Rights

PayPal Users win with Atlasglobal

AtlasGlobal tickets over 100TRY /USD/EUR/GBP purchased with PayPal until end of December will receive an immediate 20TRY/USD/EUR/GBP discount. 

If you don’t have a PayPal account you can create you account right away with 3 steps to take advantage of the campaign. 
1-Click ‘’open account’’ from 
2-Please fill out the form and identify your email and password. 
3-Add you credit card and start shopping 

Campaign Conditions
-Campaign is valid from December 15th to January 23th for one-way or round trip flights purchased from site for all domestic and foreign flights. 
-Campaign is limited to 750 transaction and the campaign will end once the campaign reached maximum transaction number. 
-Consumers will receive discounts on the currency same as the purchase. Example: 100 GBP ticket purchase will receive 20 GBP discount. 
-Discount currencies will be the same as the flight purchases own currency. 
-Campaign is valid for all available ticket purchase without date and time limitation   
-Campaign is not valid for round-trip open ended tickets.
-Payment with Paypal is not allowed within 24 hours before the scheduled departure of domestic flights and 48 hours before the scheduled departure of international flights.
-Campaign can’t be combined with other discounts 
-Atlasglobal can end the campaign at its own discretion 

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