Dance is the first human art form and for some of us it is a passion. Most of us love to dance, and many of us love watching dance, too. Because like music, dance is a sport which touches our soul. Yes, a sport! In fact, we could say it is the most enjoyable of all sports. Maybe we’re going on about this a bit too much, you may be wondering why. Because the Istanbul Dance Festival is approaching and this will be its 7th year. Don’t think it’s just about Istanbul; this is an international festival. So, lovers of dance from many different countries will come together here.

The Istanbul International Dance Festival gathers dance-lovers from 80 countries in one city, and showcases the abilities of more than 5000 dancers. We can imagine that you are wondering what kind of dances you might see at this festival. To sate your curiosity, we can tell you that at this festival you will have the opportunity to see: Latin, salsa, bachata, kizomba, zumba, tango, swing, jazz, hip-hop, Romany, oriental belly dancing, flamenco, waltz, sirtaki (Greek folk dancing), zeybek (Eastern Anatolian folk dancing) and more… Where else could you possibly have this opportunity!

Four Days of Dance and Cultural Performances!

More than 80 dance shows and performances will take place, and the Latin dance world’s best-known comedy performers, Moe Flex and Farid Ferchach will be in attendance. The festival will last for 4 days and takes place from 28th of March to 2nd of April. Get ready for a fun time with lots of activities taking place, from dance parties to dance lessons! There’s definitely a place at this festival for those who are saying: “I don’t know how to dance, but I really want to go”. There is even a special programme for complete dance novices! You’re very lucky because you will be in the best place to learn how to dance. Also anyone wondering: “How do I get started with choreography?” should come along! Some of the world’s most famous names, such as Fernando Sosa, Karel Flores, Mistura Movement and Keskya & Gatica will be there teaching choreography, and you will have the chance to see them in action.

This festival, which takes place from 28th March-2nd April, is an incredible opportunity to see different cultures, different styles and different people coming together in dance. A unique cultural show! Sometimes dance is all you need to bring people together from all four corners of the world, from America to the Far East, from Europe to Africa. There’s one more thing we shouldn’t forget. Our slogan is: “Dance Makes Everything Better!”

The address of this colourful festival is simply Istanbul! To get your tickets now visit:

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