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You should be at the airport at least 1 hour prior the domestic flights, at the latest 2 hours prior to the Cyprus flights and at the latest 3 hours prior to the international flights. You should complete all your check-in procedures at least 30 minutes before the domestic flight departure and 1 hour before to the flight departure time of international flights. If you do not complete these procedures, you forfeit all your rights concerning that flight. Besides, you should be ready at the flight gate at the latest 15 minutes prior to departure.

Online check-in: Online check-in can be made starting from 48 hours before the flight and continues until 90 minutes prior the scheduled flight.
Click to see the list of the destination where online check-in is available.

Kiosk Check-in (2D Barcode check-in)
2D barcode check-in is the check-in wizard that will enable you to send SMS message to your mobile phone upon making a booking. Through the link that will be sent to your mobile phone, you can complete your check-in without getting into a queue at the airport.
Our Kiosks are located at İstanbul, Antalya, İzmir, Bodrum, Adana and Ercan airports.
Check-in in the hotel
As of June 08th, 2009, check-in in hotel has started. Individual guests or Etstur guests staying in hotels can make use of this service in the specified hotels in Antalya and Bodrum provided that they fly with Atlasglobal.

Check-in service is only available in the hotels below:
Antalya Region:
Alanya: Hotel La Mer Delta
Kemer: Hotel La Mer Kemer
Side: Voyage Sorgun
Belek: Voyage Belek
Bodrum Region:
Voyage Torba
Voyage Türkbükü
Voyage Bodrum
Fly & Bus
Free private airport shuttle buses, for the exclusive use of Atlasglobal passangers. Atlasglobal, Turkey’s leading airline for flight and passenger comfort, is delighted to introduce this brand new service:

Atlasglobal's private fleet of air-conditioned shuttle buses at your service for transportation to and from the airport, at certain flight destinations. Atlasglobal is proud to be the first airline in Turkey to provide such a service, completely free of charge.

For all shuttle services, please be at the meeting point at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time and have your e-ticket or the SMS flight confirmation ready for inspection.
Click to see shuttle schedules.
Jet Assist
Life General Insurance has a special travel insurance offer for Atlasglobal passengers. With this insurance that comes with a high assurance and low premium, you can be safe against the bad situations like lost, late or stolen luggage that you may face during your flight. You can also reach the imperative policy that you will need during visa process with one click. Life General Insurance is an authorized agent of Mapfre General Insurance.

Our recommendations for the policies we generated for your travels:

15 day: Imperative visa insurance (8,5€)
1 year: Visa insurance + extra assurance (200 TL)
And many different policies you need are on www.atlasglb.com
Get your travel insurance right now.
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