You here by agree to comply with all terms and conditions stated herein below by entering into and using this web site. ATLASJET HAVACILIK A.Ş. (hereinafter referred as ATLASGLOBAL) reserves its right to make modifications on terms and conditions without any notification or without any responsibility. Ticket prices (including taxes) notified to you during booking will be collected from your credit card.  

At the end of this transaction you may have your tickets via e-mail or from our main sales offices.  

After the payment has been made, your flight will be considered as confirmed and any cancellation and modification on your booking or on your ticket will be handled according to the following rules. A booking can not be transferred to others and names can not be changed.Ticket fares and service charge are not refundable in case of no show.

Atlasglobal can change the option date of the pre-booking, by informing the passenger about the new date via the contact e-mail. Atlasglobal reserves the right to cancel the pre-booking in case the e-mail address given in the contact info is invalid or inaccurate.

Atlesjet, is not resposible for the passengers who have a connections with other airlines  when Atlasglobal has cancelation or delay. The passengers have no rights to request renew or rebook their tickets and seats.

Any tax of charge imposed by government or other authority, or by the operator of an airport, in respect of a passenger or the use by a passenger of any services or facilities will be in addition to the published fares and charges and shall be payable by the passenger, except as otherwise provided in Carrier's Regulations.



1. Name change is not allowed. Ticket is non transferable.
2. In accordance with tariffs, rules and regulations of Atlasglobal and all applicable laws, tickets paid in cash may only be refunded to the passengers by the issuing office. Refund of tickets issued against credit card may only be made to the credit card account of the person to whom such credit card has been issued.
3. Tickets are valid for 1 year after the issuing date. After 1 year, passenger lose all their rights related to the unused tickets.
4. In case of dispute, the electronic records of Atlasglobal shall be applicable.
5. It is the responsiblity of passengers to present a valid travel document in flight
Atlasglobal is not responsible for passengers who have another flight, which was not booked under the same PNR, when Atlasglobal has cancelation or delay. Passengers have no right to request a change  or rebooking of their tickets and seats.

WARNING: This transportation is subject to the provisions concerning the restriction of liability indicated in Turkish Civil Aviation Law and all provisions that restrict or terminate the liability of the carrier Atlasglobal shall also be applicable to agencies, personnel and representation of Atlasglobal. Ticket and transportation are subject to Atlasglobal tariffs and rules,relevant laws and regulations.

Free baggage allowance is specified on the ticket, excess baggage fee is charged per kg in case of baggage allowance is exceeded. Pet in Cabin Carriage, Special Baggages(bicycle, ski equipment, diving equipment, parachute, golf equipment etc.), Wheelchair Service(passengers who can not present a doctor report) are subject to a fee. It is forbidden to bring odorous foods inside the aircraft. First golf and ski equipment is free of charge. For detailed information please consult to your agency or visit the Frequently Asked Questions page on our website (


In case of reservation changes and open ticket confirmation: the fare will be recalculated in accordance with the new required flight/class fare. The system will automatically charge the difference between the original and the new fare. The service fee is non refundable for all classes. When the reservation is changed to a lower class, no refund will be applicable .

*** Regarding roundtrip tickets, , the most restrictive penalty conditions shall be applied for  the total amount of the ticket in case of reissue, revalidation and refund.   

For cancellation,rebooking and changes after the departure time of the flight, no refund will be made.

Free baggage allowance for babies is 10 kg in all flights and the transport of 1 baby stroller is free of charge. 

For the acceptance of the baggage on flight, each part should not exceed 32 kg.
In case of flight cancellation and delay, the responsibility of the passengers who continue to fly by another airline does not belong to Atlasglobal. Passengers can not request a new ticket for continuation flights.

Atlasglobal is not responsible for passengers having connections with other airlines in the situation when Atlasglobal has cancellation or delay. Passengers have no right to request a renewal or rebooking of their tickets and/or seats 

Atlasglobal is not responsible for passengers having connections with other airlines in the situation when Atlasglobal has cancellation or delay. Passengers have no right to request a renewal or rebooking of their tickets and/or seats.

Passengers who don’t complete their baggage and check-in procedures up to last 30 minutes for domestic flights ,and up to last 60 minutes for international flights of the scheduled departure times, will loose all their rights related with their tickets and the relevant flights.

Free baggage allowance for Economy Class passengers is 20 kg and for Business Class passengers is 30 kg.  

In case the passenger does not use the flights on the tickets within 1 (one) year as of the issuance date of the ticket, he/she looses all rights related with the ticket and the relevant flights at the end of 1 (one) year. Ticket becomes void automatically as of that date.  
Refund : According to tariffs, rules and regulations of ATLASGLOBAL and related laws, refund is made only to the passenger.  
Tickets bought via Internet may be cancelled from the web site, call centers, main offices and airports sales offices.  

We offer you two different alternatives for the payment process while you buy your ticket;  
One of them is the 'Credit Card Standart Payment', the other one is the 'Credit Card Secure Payment'  
1.PAYMENT VIA 3D SECURE : In case of a full secure purchase with a one-time password authentication, this will allow you to check-in without presenting your credit card. Your valid ID will be enough for the check-in procedure. If it is a half secure 3D transaction without a one-time password authentication, it will be considered  as a Standard Payment and will be accounted accordingly(please see the detailed information below).
2.CREDIT CARD STANDART PAYMENT : You have to present a valid ID and the followings;  
- your credit card which you have used for purchasing your ticket 
- your Atlasmiles card if you are a Atlasmiles member  
- in case the credit card used is not issued for your name, you will be required to present a a valid credit card of your own(issued to your name). In case of the use of credit card belonging to a different person than the passengers, if the ticket fare is reimbursed due to an objection or if the ticket fare could not be collected for any reason at all; without the need for any further approvement, the ticket fee will be charged directly from the credit card presented at the check-in counter belonging to the passenger. The passenger hereby declare to acknowledge, accept and agree these terms.  
If you do not have your own credit card then, the cardholder whose credit card is used for the ticket payment must be present at the check-in to confirm his acceptance for the flight with his credit card.  

General terms and conditions and any dispute are subject to Turkish laws and exclusive venue of jurisdiction is Istanbul Courts for solution of disputes. ATLASGLOBAL hereby doesn’t make any commitment and declaration regarding completeness and accuracy of information contained in this web site and also regarding update of this information. If required by ATLASGLOBAL, work of the system may be suspended temporarily or stopped completely. Atlasglobal decline all responsibility arising from temporary suspension or complete stopping of the system towards persons or third parties buying Atlasglobal e-tickets. ALL MATERIALS AND INFORMATION CONTAINED IN ATLASGLOBAL’S WEB SITE ARE PRESENTED “IN ITS PRESENT FORM” AND TO THE EXTENT OF LAWS, ATLASGLOBAL HEREBY DOESN’T GIVE ANY EXPLICIT OR IMPLICIT GUARANTY INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, CONDITIONS, QUALITY, PERFORMANCE, MARKETABILITY, ITS CONFORMITY TO A SPECIAL INTENT AND ITS INFLUENCE ON INFORMATION, SERVICES OR PRODUCTS CONTAINED OR IN RELATION WITH ATLASGLOBAL’S WEB SITE.  

This site is published by Atlasjet Havacılık A.Ş. pursuant to laws of Republic of Turkey.
We hereby certify and undertake that confidentiality of your personal information is essential for us and we shall not share personal information with any third parties without your approval excluding legally entitled authorities.
This site may contain links to other sites. All responsibilities in connection with the content and confidentiality policies of the web sites belong to its owners. 
Atlasjet Havacılık A.Ş. shall not have any responsibility for your access and use of such links, their content and information provided by you to such web sites. 
Atlasjet Havacılık A.Ş. can collect shared personal information including but not limited to your name, last name, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, identification information, ticket and itinerary data. The personal information collected or stored at the Atlasglobal website, shall primarily be used to fulfill your requests and also to provide you a better, faster, individual and higher quality service, to improve Atlasglobal website, to maintain contact list for correspondence, to manage your Atlasglobal account, to establish a database for compiling aggregate statistics, listings, reports, analyses, to market our services and related products to you, to plan our promotions and campaigns,  to improve our services and to solve e-mailing problems.

This information, may be shared and used by Atlasglobal Group Companies, Atlasglobal agents and Atlasglobal employees, offices, specialists, entitled legal authorities if necessary, other airline companies and companies who are providing services and entities abroad or domestic in connection with civil aviation rules in order to perform and complete the services, to perform sales transactions and to develop market information. This personal information could be used by Atlasglobal and its group companies for communication campaigns (e-mailings, newsletters, etc.) in order to inform our customers and also for promotion and other marketing campaigns offered with partnering companies.  If you don’t want to be notified about our promotions and campaigns you may stop this activity simply by clicking “Unsubscribe” or if you would like to update your information you may click “My account” link on the e-mail.

Any visitor and user being active in the site are deemed to be accepted all conditions written herein.

As a result of breach of the agreement, wrongful act, negligence or other reasons, ATLASGLOBAL decline all responsibility regarding suspension of the transaction, fault, negligence, interruption, effacement, loss, delay of transaction or communication, computer viruses, communication errors, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to recordings, unauthorized modification or use of records.  

Announcement of Civil Aviation, restrictions imposed to hand luggage regarding transportation of materials containing liquids. In accordance with ICAO and ECAC rules, General Directorate of Civil Aviation will impose restrictions to liquids to be carried by passengers within airplane as hand/ cabin luggage during their travel. The said application will not prohibit passengers from carrying liquid products with them during their travel but it will restrict the quantity. Each passenger may carry liquid, gel and aerosol provided that each of its volume does not exceed 100ml and that it is in a sealed transparent plastic bag with dimensions 20cm x 20cm.  

- Each passenger may carry 1 pieces of plastic bag. 
- Each product packed in a bag shall be maximum 100ml. 
- Products exceeding 100ml shall not be allowed regardless of the quantity in it. 
- Passengers shall show liquid products being within their hand luggage to final security control point and shall place them separately to x-ray machine. 
- There is not any restriction regarding liquids being within luggage delivered to check-in. 
- It is recommended that while preparing their bags, passengers shall place their liquid products within luggage to be placed plane’s cargo section by taking into consideration restrictions entered into force.  

Some exemptions will be applied regarding these restrictions by taking special situations into account. For example, passengers traveling with their baby may carry sufficient amount of infant food/ milk with them during their travel or passengers who have to use medicine may carry sufficient amount of medicine during their travel provided that it is packed in its original package. However, passengers may be asked to taste the said food or medicine or to document their medicine need/ disease at final security control point.  

Liquids subjected to restrictions: all kind of liquids including water, syrup, beverages, creams, lotions, oils (including cosmetic oils), perfumes, all kind of cosmetics including mascara (except solid lipsticks), shaving foams, deodorants, all kind of materials having cement nature including toothpaste, food being not solid such as marmalade, honey, yogurt, grape syrup and tomato sauce, contact lens liquids, shampoos and other materials similar to the aforementioned products. Liquid products purchased from duty-free shops or during flight shall be packed by the official in a special bag together with its invoice and the bag shall be closed. Its entrance to airplane shall be allowed after checking invoice pertaining to this bag and product at security control point. If the passenger travels to final destination via another transit airport, it is critically important that special duty-free shopping bag given in the shop or plane, shall not be opened until final airport. Otherwise, ingredient of the bag may be impounded at transit airport. 

If there is a change of surname between the period of the ticket purchase and the date of the flight, the surname on the ticket could be changed by Atlasglobal only if a legal documentation (marriage certificate, court decision, etc.) is presented before the departure of the first flight.