Passenger Rights

Flight Cancellations

Due to extra ordinary conditions at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, for passengers who have bookings from/to Istanbul between 16 Jul-20 July 2016 and ticketed on/before 15 July 2016, providing that their tickets revalidated until 31 July 2016 (included) , this regarding of fare rules;

-Rebooking / rerouting will be made without any charge.
-For Refund, unused ticket can be refund without any charge. For used tickets, they will be considered as involuntary.
-Tickets can be extended until 31 July 2016 without any fare difference and penalties will not apply.

Cancelled Flights Due To Konya Airport Is Closed To Flights

20.07.2016 22:00-23:15 KK86-KK87      Istanbul (IST)-Konya (KYA)-Istanbul (IST)

21.07.2016 22:00-23:15 KK86-KK87      Istanbul (IST)-Konya (KYA)-Istanbul (IST)
22.07.2016 22:00-23:15 KK86-KK87      Istanbul (IST)-Konya (KYA)-Istanbul (IST)
23.07.2016 22:00-23:15 KK86-KK87      Istanbul (IST)-Konya (KYA)-Istanbul (IST)
24.07.2016 22:00-23:15 KK86-KK87      Istanbul (IST)-Konya (KYA)-Istanbul (IST) 

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